Solar photovoltaic installations continue to expand in European households with small private installations. With more installations, it is becoming more important for installers to improve the efficiency of operations and maintenance to keep the cost low. 

In SolarMonkey we provide value to both installers and solar energy users (consumers). Solar monkey reassures consumers that their investment in PV panels is worth it.  Also, enabling them to know how much energy is gathered, and if the efficiency drops to act accordingly to improve.

But how is energy efficiency measured? Every ray of sun counts and we need to know where the losses are. The performance ratio is one of the most important measures to evaluate efficiency. This ratio accounts for the difference between the theoretically possible production and the actual outcomes.

Among the variables that reduce the possible generation is the orientation of the PV panels, obstacles and the different related equipment efficiencies such as power optimizers or inverters efficiencies. To integrate all these variables the performance ratio can be used to compare solar panels supplying energy at different locations.

How do WE provide value? Through strong calculations and transparency. Our R&D team has developed an intuitive graph that allows consumers to assess the details of their energy production to better understand the needs of the specific project. This new function allows for an in-depth analysis of the effect of environmental and equipment variables in a specific system. It gives an inside look at the operations and an explanation of how your energy is produced. This way consumers need less time and involvement from the installers, and installers can keep their cost of operations and maintenance low. 

We believe our product is an innovative solution that will help us achieve our goal of pushing Solar Energy in the future. If you share this goal with us and you want to be a part of a team that is always eager to improve, we invite you to check our vacancies!